Frequently Asked Questions


Are there public hours?

Yes! Public hours are 2 pm - 5 pm on Saturday's and Sunday's.

How do non-member/guest fees work?

Non-member/guest fees are $10 per person, per day. They can be paid to any member or executive member who you see at the club. This must be paid in cash. They will give you a written receipt. The amount paid in guest fees, can be deducted off your membership fee if you choose to join at a later date that season.

When can I play?

Courts are open from 8 am - 11 pm every day. The lights will turn off at 11 pm sharp. Members will be given the lock code to enter the courts. Non-members/guests can play during public hours from 2 - 5 pm on Saturday's and Sunday's, or can pay a guest fee of $10 per person, per day.

Where are you located?

Bridlewood Tennis Club is located within Bridlewood Park which is on the south side of Huntingwood Drive, between Pharmacy and Warden Avenue. The direct address is 445 Huntingwood Dr.

Is there free parking?

Free parking is available on Huntingwood Drive.

Do you have washrooms?

Yes! We have access to the park washrooms in Bridlewood Park.

Is there a house league?

We have a house league for intra-club play on Wednesday nights. If you're interested in participating, then please ensure that Stephen Kudjerski knows that you're interested.

How do I become a member?

Fill out the appropriate membership form found here Membership fees can be paid by either e-transfer, or cash or cheque. Payment information will be sent in your confirmation email. After payment is received, you will get your shoe tag along with the lock code and other club information.