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Book A Court

Our new court booking system will be done through Game Time. You can go to the site below any time to book a court, a lesson, or register for BTC skills clinics. You will also be able to see when other courts are occupied.


Once you have joined BTC, you will be registered with Game Time within 48 hours. To log in for the first time, ensure you are on the Desktop View (even on mobile) and on the First Time Login tab. Use your last name and phone number to login and then you can make your own password.

New court Booking rules:

  • 10-day advance booking opening at 8am

  • Mandatory two and four player names for singles and doubles

  • 3 rolling bookings allowed (only 1 of those future bookings can be with a guest)

  • Bookings within 8 hours of court time don't count against the rolling booking quota

  • No back-to-back bookings

  • Singles is limited to 1 hour

  • Doubles can be 1 or 2 hours

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